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English: In Wikiminis you can find miniature craftsmen, furniture, dollhouses, construction accessories, furniture components, sculptor and model maker, miniature paintings, custom works for museums and private collectors, dollhouses, railways, military, aviation, wildlife , architecture, landscape and much more, replicas of historical fabrics and cloths for period costumes, clothing accessories, everyday objects, other scales: all sizes and scales to order, characters, mice, toys, garden furniture, home accessories , food, gastronomy, plants, three-dimensional (3D) paintings, miniatures in general, home accessories, mini flowers and floral scenes, oil paintings, food, accessories and scenes: wedding, dresses, dressing table, hat shop, shoes and bag, perfumery, accessories, lady gentleman, porcelain doll, crochet and pattern fabrics, Kits, threads and exclusive confections of clothes, home accessories, sewing accessories, ceramics, dishes, pharmacy bottles, pieces for tiling and tiling, lamps, blown glass, kitchen utensils, rustic, school, hand-painted furniture, ceramic furniture, fashion accessories, clothes for characters, clothes for the house using fabrics, lace and old embroidery, toys, theatres, silver, bronze sculptures, articles of brass, decorative accessories, silverware, silver tableware and cutlery, solid silver cutlery, knives, forks, spoons, serving cutlery, saucepans, pans, and other silver accessories for the home. Craftsman factory antique furniture, medieval, Gothic, Tudor and Jacobean style furniture, church furniture, sideboard, old books, thematic books, magic books, book collections, other books, documents, letters, maps, music scores, photographs, albums, accessories, other furniture scales 1/24, 1/48, 1/144, books 1/24, dollhouses 1/144. for bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, children's room, garden accessories, store accessories, sewing and embroidery work, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, patchwork, miniature craftsman, miniature, miniature craftsmen, miniatures, miniature dollhouses , dollhouse, dollhouse fairs, miniatures fair, miniature museums, museum, dollhouse museums, workshops, country furniture, rustic, regional and accessories, specialization in kitchens, bedspreads, cushions, rugs, rugs, towels, table linen, jewellery, chokers, necklaces, pendants; jewellery products, miniature jewellery, glass beads, handmade beads, objects from medieval to modern times, characters, dolls, medieval and Tudor leather goods, ceiling fan working with lights that work independently, lamps; Lighting: led light bars, landscape and garden lights, fireplace fire with electric log that flickers the flames, building accessories, stone fireplace kits, satellite dish, display cabinets for scenes, dolls houses, garage with automatic door ( by remote control), other electronic, electrical creations for your dollhouse, bedrooms, children's, bathroom, living room and office, antique devices, medical devices, purses, bags, shoes, 1/12 scale furniture of various styles that contain in inside a complete house at 1/144 scale, art deco furniture, art deco accessories, antique bookstore, marble and stone fireplaces, pantry products, publications in Spanish, newspapers, magazines, stories, papers and borders, curtains, towels, dress clothes; paper floors and wallpapers; 1/120 travel accessories, bags and suitcases, baskets, plants, commissions on other scales, high quality modern kitchens, high quality dolls in porcelain or polymer clay hand-sculpted, babies, hats and authentic replicas of clothing, Judaic miniatures, wrought iron, iron furniture, iron accessories for home, garden; iron gates, iron doors, iron stairs, iron balconies, working clocks and barometers, clock reproductions, Fabergé-style miniatures, musical instruments, furniture, church, shop, church accessories, fireplaces and lighting, butter churn and sinks, items for barns and corrals, buttons, sample buttons, paper placemats in all scales, wooden signs and plates, rugs, paper curtains in small scales; wooden shops, chandeliers, copper objects, kitchen utensils, wrought iron: bakery shelves, tables and chairs, pot racks, wine racks, knives and utensils, canes and supports, cake racks, desserts; bronze and metal miniatures, scale diorama, miniature oil paintings of the great masters and originals, miniature electrical appliances, Shaker reproductions, machinery for shops: old pedal machinery, machinery for carpentry, set of tools for wood, shoemaker's bench, shoes, cats, toys, miniature rugs in wool and silk, hand-knotted, birds, street vendor cart, scene paintings; building components: moulds for brick, straw, grass, hedges, furniture and handmade accessories: for churches, religious, school, exercise, game room, medical and pathology items, roomboxes, room boxes, house Furnishings, Coffins, Tudor, Georgian and Victorian Periods, Rooms, Houses, Built Plinths and Cupboards, Other Buildings, Architecture in Miniature: Structures, Scenes; any type of structure: bars and inns, Japanese structures, Dutch furniture, Spanish houses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, laser-cut furniture kits, houses and showcases, tree houses, magic books, book collections, others books, sheet music, newspapers, parchment, albums, letters, photos, postcards, papyrus, silk paintings, magic props, bronze statues and lost-wax plaster figures, authentic miniature bricks, slates, roof tiles, tiles, flagstones, curbs, fireplace trim, marble tiles, ceramic tiles, tiles, lead, patio plaques, keys, Pier operculum, miniature arches, stone cladding, raw stone fronts, floor and wall cladding, four-poster beds, Art Deco figures and paintings ; silver accessories: for desks, chandeliers, kitchenware, tableware, walking sticks and others; Painted wood accessories: Russian nesting boxes, buildings, fans, screens, Christmas items, fireplace screens, dolls, paintings, brass and stainless steel items, blown glass; home accessories: glassware, animals; jewellery: chokers, necklaces, pendants; jewellery products: crystal beads, miniature grand pianos, upright pianos, miniature reproduction of the Wurlitzer theatre organ, building components: wooden floors / parquet kits; home accessories: working radios; doll accessories, hardware / furniture fittings, hinges and fittings for doors, fittings for trunks, ornaments / embellishments; watch accessories: dials, cases and watch hands; other scales: hardware / furniture fittings 1/24, doll accessories 1/24, watch accessories 1/24, other fittings 1/24, Figures of dogs and cats with fur, cattle, horses, wildlife. Extraordinary animals carved in wood and skins, nature, animals, birds, birds, and much more...