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INGLATERRA AIDAN CAMPELL - England. Sculptor, miniatures, paintings, sculptures, figures, dioramas.
PORTUGAL ALIGRA DOLLS - Portugal. Dolls and Characters.
INGLATERRA ANGIE SCARR MINIATURES - England. Miniature food, fruits, vegetables. Leaves and flowers.
ESPAÑA ANNA FOLCH - Spain. Artisan. Three-dimensional (3D) paintings, miniature home accessories.
ESPAÑA ANTICOLI MINIATURAS - Spain. Artisan. Miniature Antique furniture. 1:12 y 1:6. scales.
INGLATERRA ANYA STONE - England. Miniature animals and fauna, birds, sculpture, other scales: 1:24 scale, commissions.
ESPAÑA ARTESANOS FELIPE - ROYO - Spain. Furniture. Toys. Foods. Fashion accessories, kitchen, home. Ceramic, porcelain, glass.
INGLATERRA ARTFORGE - England. Sculptures. Accessories, decoration, home, silverware. Silver, bronze, brass.
PAISES BAJOS BY ANNEMARIE DOLLS - Netherlands. Porcelain dolls and miniature sculptures.
ESPAÑA CARABOSSE DOLLS MARIA JOSE SANTOS - Spain. Miniature period porcelain dolls, ballerinas. Fashion accessories, fans, hats, bags, boots.
ESPAÑA CARME FERRANDIZ - Spain. Miniature home accessories for dollhouses, bedspreads, pillows, rugs, rugs, towels, tablecloths.
INGLATERRA CAROL COOK – England. Dollhouse miniature food, items from modern times back to medieval; character dolls and accessories; Medieval and Tudor leatherware; Other scales: miniatures in 1:24 scale.
ESPAÑA CHMINIATURES - Spain. Decoration accessories for dollhouse. House Clothes, home lingerie, sheets, towels, quilts, hand-embroidered tablecloths. Dress clothes for characters sewn in a traditional way, period dresses, underwear, lingerie, pyjamas and dressing gowns for men and women. Children's and baby clothing.
 CHRISMINIATURES France. Knitting, sewing, 1:12 scale, fashion accessories and toys, dolls, children, babies, clothes, dresses, jumper, cardigan Pottery.
 CONCHA G. ENRIQUEZ - Spain. Miniatures general, scenes, roomboxes, plants, modelling, doll houses, buildings, architecture, furniture.
PAISES BAJOS CONNY VAN DEN DUGEN - Netherlands. Artisan. Dolls, Matahari, Titanic. Miniature suitcases.
ITALIA COSEDIUNALTROMONDO GAGLIARDI MARIANGELA - Italy. Furniture, miniatures, gastronomy, food, dolls, flowers, animals, dollhouses, scenes, roomboxes, teddy bears, musical instruments, baskets, home accessories, dresser, bathroom, babies, kitchen, Christmas, decoration, beach; other scales, dollhouses, furniture and scenes 1/24 scale.
ESTADOS UNIDOS CREATIVE REPRODUCTIONS 2 SCALE - USA. Home accessories. Miniature electrical components for dollhouses. Fans, lamps, lighting, lights, electronics, and electricity for dollhouse.
ESPAÑA CRISTINA NORIEGA - Spain. Miniature antique furniture for dollhouses, kitchen furniture, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office; antique appliances, medical appliances; fashion accessories: purses, bags, shoes, other scales: 1:12 scale furniture.
ESTADOS UNIDOS CROWN JEWEL MINIATURES - USA. Miniature food for dollhouses, meals.
INGLATERRA CRUMPLED AND RUMPLED - England. Characters, dolls, and figures: female, male, babies, children’s figures; commissions from photographs.
ESPAÑA DAVID IRIARTE - Spain. Antique period furniture for dollhouses and decoration accessories.
INGLATERRA DB MINIATURES - England. Furniture; Miniature accessories for the home, kitchen, decoration, babies, bathrooms, garden and others; doll houses.
ESTADOS UNIDOS DECAVE DESING - USA. Miniature antique furniture; home accessories home: lighting, lamps, oil paintings; roomboxes, scenes: old bookstore.
ESTADOS UNIDOS DESIGNER DOG MINIATURES - USA. Miniature Animals: Figures of furry cats and dogs; other scales: cat and dog figures in all scales.
ESPAÑA DESIREE LAFUENTE - Spain. Miniature antique furniture, modern furniture, fashion accessories.
INGLATERRA DOLLS HOUSE BUILDER - England. Dollhouses and shops 1:12 scale, other buildings. Some houses are available in kits. Other scales: Houses and buildings of 1:24 scale.
INGLATERRA ELF MINIATURES - England. High quality modern kitchens, modern furniture, bedrooms, bathrooms, miniature accessories for dollhouses, other scales: Kitchen and bathroom furniture scale 1/24, 1/6.
ITALIA ELISA FENOGLIO MINIATURE DOLLS - Italia. High quality hand sculptured period dolls in porcelain and polymer clay, babies, accessories, hats, and authentic replica clothing. All products hand painted. other scales: hand sculptured Faeries.
INGLATERRA ERIK GODDARD - USA. Miniature architecture: houses, roomboxes, scenes, dioramas, structures.
CANADA FAY-VOURITE CRAFTS & MINIATURES CO - Canada. Judaic miniatures, food, ritual accessories, holidays. Medical and dental supplies, flowers and plants.
INGLATERRA GOOCH FURNITURE - England. Antique period furniture. High quality 1:12 scale miniature furniture for museums and collectors.
ESTADOS UNIDOS HARRY W. SMITH STUDIOS OF HARRY SMITH - USA. Antique furniture, scenes, silver miniatures, silver home accessories, silver ornaments, Fabergé style miniatures.
INGLATERRA HAZEL DOWDS LITTLE PEOPLE - England. Miniature ribbons and laces, hats, fashion accessories, patterns, silk ribbon.
INGLATERRA HERDWICK LANDSCAPES - England. Dollhouses scale 1:24 and 1:48. Furniture kits at 1:24 and 1:48 scale. Houses and furniture inspired by the English Lake District. Commissions are accepted on any scale.
JAPON ICHIYOH HAGA - Japan. Miniature works. Shops, houses, and other structures. "Art In A Box Works", 1:12 scale retro shops in Paris. Other scales: "Structures Works", roomboxes, dioramas of scenes from Ancient Japan at 1:80 scale.
ESTADOS UNIDOS ILISHA  HELFMAN HESTIA HOUSE - USA. Doll houses. Pop-up cardboard theatre and gas stations, 1:2 scale paper dollhouse, paper or cardboard furniture, paper goods, accessories, placemats, signs, plates, rugs, curtains, other scales: 1/24, 1/ 48, 1/144.
ESTADOS UNIDOS IULIA CHIN LEE - USA. Antique furniture; roomboxes, scenes, rooms, dollhouses.
ESTADOS UNIDOS J. GETZAN - USA. Lighting for dollhouses, lamps, chandeliers, copper kitchenware and utensils, iron shelves, miniature accessories, pots, knives.
ESTADOS UNIDOS JAN PATRIE AUTUMN LEAF STUDIO - USA. Gastronomy, meals, drinks. Fish dish, chicken, meat, dessert, vegetables.
INGLATERRA JANET GRANGER DOLLSHOUSE EMBROIDERY - England. Needlepoint & embroidery kits, for dolls houses; Home accessories: carpets, wall hangings, rugs, cushions, fireplace screen, footstools, cross stitch chair kit, cross stitch furniture kit.
CANADA JEAN DAY MINIATURES - Canada. Manufacture and handmade design of clothing kits; reproduction of original books, cloth dolls, furniture, accessories, dollhouses. Other scales: clothing kits, furniture 1/4.
ESTADOS UNIDOS JILL CASTORAL - USA. Miniature cottages, vignettes, and kits in all scales.  Christmas accessories, holidays; other accessories.
ESTADOS UNIDOS JOAN WHEATLEY'S CREATIONS - USA. Hand Painted Dutch Furniture (Hindeloopen); whimsical tree-houses; boxes and showcases for collectors; home accessories.
ESTADOS UNIDOS JOSEPHINE MEYER - USA. Miniature oil paintings of the masters and original; painted furniture; home and decorative accessories; other scales: oil paintings of the masters and original 1/24, 1/48.
ESTADOS UNIDOS KELLOGG'S DOLLS' HOUSES - USA. Dollhouses: Builders of high-quality dollhouses in all prices; miniatures and accessories.
ESTADOS UNIDOS KEN BYERS SHAKER WORKS WEST - USA. Shaker reproductions, antique furniture, antique accessories for the home, antique machinery for shops, pedals, carpentry, wood tools, scenes, antiques.
ESTADOS UNIDOS KERRI PAJUTEE MINIATURE ANIMALS - USA. Miniature sculptures of animals for dollhouse or collector, cats, dogs, field and wildlife, Commissions are made.
FRANCIA LA BOUTIQUE DE LEA - France. Painted furniture, dolls, characters, accessories and dresses for children's rooms, decoration accessories, home, fashion.
ESPAÑA LAS MINIATURAS DE ZOE - Spain. Fashion accessories, dresses, knitted and cloth clothes, skirts, shawls; furniture, baby cribs, dolls, toys; home accessories: lace tablecloths.
ESPAÑA LES CHINOISERIES - Spain. Construction and decoration accessories for dollhouses and miniatures: Wallpapers and upholstery, printed fabrics. 
FRANCIA LES MINIATURES DE BEATRICE - France. porcelain dolls; miniatures for dollhouses, sofas, Accessories: home, fashion, decorative, dressing table and others.
INGLATERRA LESLIE SMITH - England. Reproduction of miniature oil paintings of the great old painting masters and museums, garden paintings, Commissions welcomed.
INGLATERRA LINSMINIS LINDA CUMMINGS - England. Gastronomy, miniature meals, food for dollhouses.
INGLATERRA LITERATURE IN MINIATUREEngland. Furry and feathered animals, birds and specimens, taxidermy, miniature books, dollhouse decorative items. Orders. 1:12 scale, and other scales.
ESTADOS UNIDOS LORRAINE SCUDERI - USA. Furniture: custom dressed beds; paper and cardboard products and accessories for the home, shops, children, men, women, parties, Christmas and others; other scales: dressed beds 1/24 scale.
ESTADOS UNIDOS LUCIE WINSKY DOLLS - USA. Porcelain dolls and kits for the mini-doll artist in 3 scales, specializing in Bleuette miniature and dolls in pictures and paintings; reproduction of miniature oil paintings.
TURKIA LUDWINA'S DOLLHOUSE MINIATURE CARPETS AND CROCHETS - Turkey. Miniature wool and silk rugs for dollhouses , knotted by hand; crochet silk and petit point pillows. Other scales: 1/24 and 1/48.
INGLATERRA MALCOLM'S MINIATURES - England. Antique furniture, houses, roomboxes, scenes, shops, figures, characters, birds, street vendor cart, scene paintings; building components: moulds for brick, thatch, grass, hedges. Other scales: houses, figures, furniture, birds, at 1/24 scale, 1/48 houses.
INGLATERRA MANORCRAFT - England. Dollhouses, manufacturer of Tudor style dollhouses.
ESPAÑA MARIA NARBÓN - España. Muñecas de creación original a escala 1/12 y 1/24 en porcelana.
ESTADOS UNIDOS MARY MC GRATH - USA. Sculptures of nature, animals, birds, birds, plants, flowers.
MATI SOTO MINIS - Spain. Pantry items: food; newspapers, magazines and stories; construction and home accessories: papers, borders, curtains, towels; fashion accessories: clothing; other scales: furniture 1/120, 1/144; construction accessories 1/120, 1/144; 1/120 travel accessories: bags and suitcases, baskets, plants; orders at other scales.
ESPAÑA MENUTMON - Spain. Painted furniture and miniature accessories for dollhouses, kits, scenes, shops.
INGLATERRA MERRY GOURMET MINIATURES - England. Food and Kitchen Accessories from Tudor, Georgian, Victorian time periods, up to the modern day.
ESPAÑA MINIARQUITECT - Spain. Miniature architecture for collectors. unique designs inspired by 19th and 20th century Spanish houses; dollhouses, lighting, lamps, kitchens.
ALEMANIA MINIATUREN SCHNEIDER - Germany. 1:12 scale miniature foods, artisan foods of all kinds.
ITALIA MINICRIS - Italy. Gastronomy, meals, drinks; home accessories: kitchen tools; building & construction accessories: micro mosaics.
ESPAÑA MINISPARACASITAS - Spain. Home accessories, rugs, rugs, glassware; trunks, suitcases and leather goods; perfumes; themed furniture: wallpapers; scenes; foods and figures fimo.
SUECIA MINST CILLA HALLBERT - Sweden. Lamps, chandeliers, accessories and decorative objects, lighting, fashion, home, furniture, jewellery, mirrors.
ESPAÑA MISS AMELIA'S MINIATURES JANINE CROCKER - Spain. Fashion accessories: miniature hats, mannequins dressed in haute couture. Home accessories: dressed beds, upholstery, and home clothing on request. Other scales: mannequins dressed in haute couture and hats in 1/24 and 1/48 scales.
ESPAÑA MON & MON - Spain. Antique furniture; fashion accessories; decoration, accessories, home, shop, scene..
ESPAÑA MONTSE COMPANY - Spain. Hand painted furniture; bathrooms.
FRANCIA MOUREY PIERRE MOUREY MINIATURES - France. Antique furniture 1:12 scale, scenes, roomboxes, musical instrument, flower arrangements, terrestrial globes; other scales: furniture 1/24..
INGLATERRA NEIL CARTER - England. Decorative accessories: sculptures, bronze statues and figures using the lost wax process.
INGLATERRA NICOLA MASCALL MINIATURES - England. Household accessories; embroidery kits, cushions, stools, seat covers, fire screens, hood handles, carpets, rugs.
ESPAÑA NOEMI PASCUAL - Spain. Dolls, characters, and miniature babies made by hand in polymer clay.
ESPAÑA OLGA ASENSIO DE HARO - Spain. Miniature books: children's, stories, folding books, pop up; travel accessories: suitcase, trunk.
ESTADOS UNIDOS PAMELA J MINIS - USA. Gastronomy, food, Room boxes and other accessories.
INGLATERRA PASTMASTERY - England. Oil Painting: Painter specializing in hand-painted replicas of historical miniatures, fireplace screens for the fire, mock tables.
ESTADOS UNIDOS PATRICIA ROSE - USA. Polymer and limited edition porcelain dolls.
ESTADOS UNIDOS PEPPERWOOD MINIATURES MICHELE CARTER & DAN WORSHAM - USA. M.C: Floral designs and plants. D.W: Miniature oil painting of the masters, and Tiffany reproduction, hand-painted stained-glass windows and lamps.
FRANCIA PETIT BONHEURS - France. Country furniture; home accessories: embroidery; scenes.
INGLATERRA PETITE PROPERTIES LTD - England. Dollhouses 1/24, shops and rural houses, furniture kit 1/24; fireplaces, piggy banks Other scales: 1:24, 1:48, 1:144, 1:43.5, 1:76 & 1:148..
ESPAÑA R. AGULLO - Spain. Furniture components and furniture kits, construction accessories, Dollhouses.
ESTADOS UNIDOS RED DRAGON POTTERY TROY SCHMIDT - USA. Wheel-thrown porcelain; Home and decorative accessories: Trivets, plates, mugs, vases, dragons, utensil pots, bottle vases, jars & boxes, ornaments, designs.
ARGENTINA REINA MAB MINIATURAS - Argentina. Dollhouse accessories: home, bathroom, kitchen, embroidery, sewing, decoration, travel, desk, garden, fashion, children, dressing table, crystal, medical, games; flowers, books, meals, figures, furniture. Roomboxes.
INGLATERRA RICHARD STACEY - England. Construction accessories: Miniature bricks, slates, roof tiles, tiles, flagstones, curbs, chimney trims, marble tiles, ceramic tiles, arches, stone coverings, floor and wall coverings, 1:12 and 1:24 scale.
ESTADOS UNIDOS RON HUBBLE - USA. Furniture, scenes, roomboxes.
INGLATERRA SALLY READER MINIATURES - England. Tiny handmade dolls 1:12 and 1:48 scale, toys and teddy bears for dollhouses.
ESPAÑA SARA ALVAREZ - Spain. Books, medieval codices, pop-up books, fairy tales.
INGLATERRA SMALL TIME - England. Clocks, furniture, DIY wood floors; scientific, home and decorative accessories, architectural models; other scales: clocks 1/24, furniture 1/24, houses 1/24, 1/48, 1/144, rooms-boxes 1/24, Regency globe 1/24.
ESPAÑA SOPHIA MINIATURES - Spain. Hand-painted furniture and carpets, flowers, and home accessories.
INGLATERRA STOKESAY WARE - England. Porcelain, home, decoration accessories: Finely crafted handmade English bone china dinner, tea and bedroom services, vases, plates.
ESTADOS UNIDOS TEXAS TINY - USA. Original Texas themes at 1/12 scale, cowboys, Indians, paintings, construction accessories, figures and sculptures, home accessories: quilts, rugs; furniture: food: persimmons, pomegranates, tomatillos, pantry items; books and posters.
INGLATERRA THE DOLLS HOUSE BEDDING CO - England. Home accessories: bedding, mattresses, pillows, cushions, quilts, bedspreads, blankets, custom bedding.
INGLATERRA THE DOLLS HOUSE MALL - England. All kinds of miniature accessories for dollhouses, homes, shops and much more, brass and stainless-steel items.
ESTADOS UNIDOS THE KENNEDYS ELLEN & BART KENNEDY - USA. Miniature gingerbread houses, churches, castles, trains and sleighs; trees; musical instruments, miniature grand and upright pianos, home accessories: radios, phonographs; other scales:1:24; 1:48, 1/24.
ESTADOS UNIDOS THELMA LEWIS DEMET - USA. Clothing handsewn; fashion accessories: jewellery, lingerie, dresses, gowns, kimonos.
ESTADOS UNIDOS TOM WALDEN MINIATURES – USA. Antique furniture; construction components: wooden floors, parquet in kits; home accessories: radios, accessories for dolls, hinges and fittings for doors, trunks, ornaments, decorations; watch accessories: dials, cases and hands; other scales: 1/24.
REPUBLICA CHECA TOYJAN FASHION DOLL JANA - Czech Republic. Dolls, clothes for dolls, Barbie, Tiny Kitty dolls. miniature food, daily accessories, miniature furniture.
FRANCIA VERONIQUE LUX - France. Toys and accessories, animal figures.
ESPAÑA VIDREFRANK - Spain. Handmade manufacture of blown glass for dollhouses, scale 1:12, 1:24, pieces for collectors, such as gold paint and Murano glass, glass kitchen utensils, fruit bowl, vase, pitcher, ice bucket, bottle, punch, chandelier.
ESTADOS UNIDOS WHITE HORSE STUDIO DEB MACKIE - USA. Dioramas, figures, horses and saddlery, miniature leather bags.
PAISES BAJOS WILL WERSON MINIATUREN - Holland. Handmade wicker furniture. Mannequins with women's clothing, men's suits, costumes, specialized in Scottish costumes, leather bath cases and bags. 
ESTADOS UNIDOS ZADART STUDIOS - USA. Hand-painted miniature bronze sculptures and figures.

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